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"When I talk about the retreat I get shivers, it was life changing, I can talk about me before the retreat and me post retreat. I have stepped to a whole new level. I had the feeling that some channel opened for me to let my light shine. I am more honest with myself and more people are reaching for me, opening their hearts. I have new sisters supporting me day by day and I have new insights of who I am and a connection with myself and the universe at the same time. I learned to trust my instincts and be true to myself." - Ivette



"Humbly before this Council I offer my testimony to the collective power all of you have to receive and direct Change. As women, the time and seasons of our lives demand the acceptance of Change. At times, we are capable of grace & understanding -resulting in growth. At times, our resistance to Change causes extreme distress and pain sometimes resulting in stagnation, isolation and becoming the “other”. This place is not the desired destination mentally emotionally or spiritually, yet we resist still and the pain remains. Sometimes unbearably so.


I believe that by and through our association with other women -Restoring our Goddess, forming deep and lifelong relationships with women of depth. Women of experience. Women of power. Women who willing submit to Change in truth; that group can bear any individual burden. We can fully celebrate joy and properly morn any loss, cease any violation any Change. Time is no longer the enemy. The collective time of all our lives that we shared together was the most nourishing I have ever experienced.


I did not expect to fall in love with all of you. I did not expect anything. Yet I left with my heart full, my soul singing and my hands longing to do the work of the future with all of you. 


I am so grateful for this council what it represents what it can and will do. I is my honor to Restore My Goddess with You. Thank you for the Change." - Misty



" I always knew I was special.  I was labeled eclectic, free spirit, and before her time.  But after this retreat, the word that describes me best is Goddess.  I'm clear.  That is who I am.  Who I have aways been.  I was reminded during this divinely orchestrated event of this truth.  There's no turning back.  I remember and I am going to live my life reminding other women I meet- who they are as well.   My light is just too damn bright.  I must share.  I must remind others.  It is my duty.  My life's work." - Syntyché 



"The Restore Your Goddess Retreat was the greatest week of my life. I've often wondered what the best time of my life has been, and now I know. As a result of the time spent with incredible women, I am now so in love with myself and so aligned in my purpose like never before. I feel like I've gained mothers, sisters, and best friends all at once. I'm overflowing with the abundance of love from this experience and every moment since then I have walked in spirit with these women I now call home. To become so clear on how to spend one's life as a divine gift and life's answer to the question of why we are here is the most liberating thing I've every experienced. I did not walk in faith before this week, now I am fully aligned in knowing that serving others in spirit and love is my calling." - Caroline




"Oh gosh!! How can I find words for all that occurred?!!?


Total transformation!!!






New FOREVER friends!!!!

Glorious food!!!!





This doesn’t do it justice but my heart is so full I’m walking around on love!


And oh my GODDESS Bali here we come!!!!" - Krissy




"I signed up for the Restore Your Goddess Retreat because it sounded like a nice break to rest and recharge from everyday life. What actually took place was nothing short of magic. It was the most amazing experience that awakened all of my senses. Everything from the beautiful ranch, flowers, scents, food and incredibly beautiful souls there, to the workshops, were divinely curated. I still don't understand how walking into a group of people I've never met in person (minus 1) ended up feeling like a really fun girls trip and 17 years worth of therapeutic healing." - Christian



“Restore Your Goddess Retreat was a graduation into my inner goddess.  The time spent was sacred.  The love received was unconditional.  The support provided was vast.  The attention to detail throughout each session was beautiful.  The kindness of the wisdom council was spiritually felt.  The plant-based food was flavorful, healthy and nutritious.  I arrived to the retreat feeling empty and full of pain.  I left Sonoma, California with immense gratitude and love for not only the journey we all embarked on together but as the Wisdom Council guided us into our power we also created long lasting friendships of a new tribe of sisters.  Restore Your Goddess Retreat restored my power, my purpose, my pain, my suffering and my life.  Forever thankful for this experience and the courage of the Wisdom Council to say yes to the calling.” - Eva



"It is difficult to put into words all the gifts I was able to receive.  From the moment I arrived, there was feeling of love, openness and just a sacred space to let myself in.  The wisdom council was a brilliant, beautiful collective of women that shared their intimate journeys with each one of us, whether it was through heart centered yoga sessions, powerful teaching testimonials or spiritual guided meditation they all felt naturally woven together to create an authentic and powerful journey.  

From the beautiful surroundings, the delicious, soul satisfying food, and the gifts and flowers bestowed to us - it was pure magic!  You could feel the love behind the curation, each detail being so thoughtful and the perfect touch that mirrored the amazing energy the Goddess council was able to manifest.  Not only did I feel held with so much loving space, guided so tenderly but I felt such a part of what was transpiring.  Also the absolute silliness and FUN I had!!...I have never laughed so much!  The inner child in me got to let herself play and dance.

The awakening that has now shifted my every day has been phenomenal.  It has brought an openness and an energy of pure gratitude.  I asked on my first day of arrival to receive the gift of sisterhood & self love.  I can say with 100% conviction that is exactly what I received so brilliantly.  The sisterhood I feel, and kinship with the other women on the retreat is with so much genuine love and unconditional support.  


I am in so much gratitude for this retreat and the powerful light within myself I was able to find.  I will forever cherish this experience, giving so much love to my teachers, the Divine Wisdom council that I love so much.  I wish for all my family and friends to experience this, if I could give them a gift it would be to give them the time and space to connect with themselves as I have.I can't wait to be a part of the next retreat!! - Kristina

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