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Who We Are



Anita Kopacz is the former Editor-in-Chief of Heart&Soul magazine. She is an award winning writer and spiritual advisor with a passion to see people thrive. Anita has a MA in Spiritual Psychology, is a certified Tantra Coach and the author of the book FINDING YOUR WAY and upcoming Simon & Schuster novel, SHALLOW WATERS. Anita's intention is to awaken the divine simplicity, pleasure and joy in her life and others.


Cora is a Heart Whisperer and Intuitive Coach.  Her specialty is helping her clients quiet their minds, connect with their hearts, and live and lead from Love and the Present Moment. Cora believes that when we align with Love individually and collectively, we create Heaven on Earth. She travels the world leading retreats, officiating weddings, and exploring sacred sites.  She is also a teacher and speaker for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition,a certified Holistic Health Counselor and holds a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology. She is a modern mystic who is also VERY human. 


Yadi Alba is a modern day Medicine Woman, a vessel of ancient wisdom and a strong feminine force in our world. She brings spiritual principles into practical contemporary living. She’s worked with countless celebrities and influencers guiding them into the Embodiment of their Sacred Purpose. She is a published writer, master coach and has led workshops and retreats around the world.


Yvonna is a certified yoga instructor, beekeeper, embodiment coach and entrepreneur . Her ultimate pleasure in life is to witness people discovering themselves and with that their true power. 

 Yvonna, effortlessly and compassionately holds a safe container for people to dive into the depths of their emotions and return with the tools to live their best life.

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