This dynamic group of women have dedicated their lives to remembering the wisdom of their ancestors and applying it to modern day experiences.


As guides, channels, coaches, entrepreneurs and business professionals, Yadi, Yvonna, Cora, Coriann and Anita have transformed the lives of hundreds of women.


Through meticulously loving and healing the mind, body and soul of each client, the Wisdom Council has pooled together various forms of healing modalities into a curated experience for people ready and willing to transform their lives! 


Anita Kopacz is the former Editor-in-Chief of Heart&Soul magazine. She is an award winning writer and spiritual advisor with a passion to see people thrive. Anita has a MA in Spiritual Psychology, is a certified Tantra Coach and is the author of the book FINDING YOUR WAY. Anita's intention is to awaken the divine simplicity, pleasure and joy in her life and others.


Cora is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Cora’s specialty is in helping her clients align with their Soul and the Truth, fall in love with themselves, and align with their unique and Sacred Service on the planet. Cora believes that we when we align with our Soul and our Truth collectively, we create Heaven on Earth. To find out more about Cora please visit her at:


Yadi is a modern day medicine woman who brings spiritual principles into practical living by incorporating a hybrid of; Master Coaching Skills, a rich personal spiritual journey in wisdom traditions as well as her transformational Shamanic Initiations into Native American, Mayan and Toltec systems of knowledge, experience as an executive in the entertainment industry, as well as a published writer/speaker on all subjects “wellness.” 


Yvonna is a  200 hour Registered Yoga teacher and passionate beekeeper. She is the founder of Lomar Farms and creates lucious beeswax candles, honey and other natural products. Yvonna is dedicated to inspiring people in her communnity and around the globe. She has hosted several retreats geared towards empowering women and helping them step into their higher purpose. Her greatest vision is to create a retreat center out of her 150 year old barn on her property in Palisades NY.


Coriann is a  healer of energy and sacred space. She has worked for over 8 years as an interior designer blending her spiritual journey and personal healing into her Sacred Purpose. Initiated as a medicine woman in Mexico she clears spacial energy and heal attachments people have with psychical possessions. Coriann began her work with the power of flowers 5 years ago.  She holds modern day women’s circles and offers the transformative experience of Flower Medicine Ceremonies in Los Angeles, CA

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